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3D Couch & Cold Prevention Adults

3D Couch & Cold Prevention Adults

Prevention, Treatment and Recovery 

Solving health problems can be described in 3 phases, PTR. During the first phase, you just don’t want to get a health problem and you take measures to prevent it. During the second phase, you might have not prevented well enough, or too late and you just got the problem anyhow. The third phase concerns recharging the body after regaining your health, you are in the recovery phase. 


Consciously or unconsciously, everyone has an eye for prevention of their health. You are trying to eat well, you may occasionally exercise or you even use a dietary supplement like a multi vitamin. Nevertheless, there are also specific essential oils, botanicals or micronutrients that can help to prevent getting health problems. That’s why PTR uses special formulas for prevention.


  • Peppermint oil provides an antimicrobial effect and helps to support the maintenance of a healthy respiratory tract
  • Elderberry extract supports the immune system
  • Vitamin D is good for the body’s defenses
  • Vitamin A is good for mucous membranes


  • Peppermint oil, 37.5 mg 
  • Elderberry extract, 50 mg 
  • Vitamin A, 500 mcg 
  • Vitamin D3, 10 mcg

Please note that due to demand and limited shelf life it is not possible for Vitux to have samples available of all our concepts. Please inquire to receive an available standard ConCordix taste sample.

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