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Omega-3 has numerous health benefits and is a perfect match with the ConCordix Soft Chews. The WHO’s recommendation of 250 mg EPA + DHA per day supports a growing market for nutritional supplements with omega-3.

Omega 3 Mackerel


It is well known that omega-3 fatty acids (PUFAs) have numerous health benefits. Fish oil is a rich source of the omega-3 PUFA types eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Because these PUFAs are essential for a healthy heart and brain and eyes. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends to take at least 250 mg EPA + DHA per day. Fish oil supplements are a good alternative to meet this daily requirement. However, many fish oil dosing systems come across challenges such as taste masking, (fishy) belching or reflux, and swallowing problems with large sized capsules.

This video by dietician Lucy Jones shows you an overview on omega-3.

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Omega-3 and ConCordix

ConCordix offers a novel approach to the administration of omega-3 by embedding the actives in a Soft Chew that overcomes the issues with swallowing and the necessity of water. The excellent taste masking qualities of ConCordix solve the issues with the strong taste of the fish oil. ConCordix also has a very high payload of lipophilic active ingredients in comparison with alternative dosage forms. These unique features make these Soft Chews the best choice for supplements with omega-3, especially for children.

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• Great taste and no sugar
• Easy to take without water
• High bio-availability
• Suitable for oil and water soluble ingredients
• No bad smell or reflux
• Fresh and separately packed so no oxidation
• High compliance
• People love it!


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White paper Omega-3 PUFAs

Read more on supplementing with Omega 3 and the impressive added value of the taste-masking features of ConCordix.

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